domingo, 8 de junho de 2008

The seed and the tree


Come along with me / Down into the world of seeing / Come and you'll be free / Take the time to find the feeling / See everything on it's own / And you'll find you know the way / And you'll know the things you're shown / Owe everything to do the day / Come along and try / Looking into ways of giving / Maybe we will fly / Find a dream that we will live in / We'll look into the eyes of time / Past ages have turned to dust / And born somewhere on the line / The loving that grows with us / Come into the day / Feel the sunshine warmth around you / Sounds from far away / Music of the love that found you / The seed that you plant today / Tomorrow will be a tree / And living goes on this way / It's all part of you and me / [Chorus:] See the carpet of the sun / The green grass soft and sweet / Sands upon the shores of time / Of ocean mountains deep / Part of the world that you live in / You are the part that you're giving

Carpet of the Sun, Renaissance, 1973

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